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Guyana’s Ambassador to China visits Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
Reporter:Xu Qiuning  Editor:Fang Fang  Auditor:Weng Qiao  Update Time:[2022-09-13]  Hits:570

On 1st September, 2022, Guyana's Ambassador to China Ms. CHOO Anyin led a delegation including Second Secretary Ms. Abrams Keri Andreon, Director of Foreign Cooperation Department of Jiangsu Commission of Health Ms. Li Yu ect., to visit Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital. Secretary of the Party Committee Mr. Mu Genglin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Ms. Zhang Bing, all members of the 18th Chinese medical team to Guyana as well as the staff of International Exchanges and Cooperation Department attended the reception.


Secretary Mu Genglin introduced the history and development of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, as well as the overview of international exchanges and cooperation. He said, positive and open attitude have always been implemented in our international exchanges and cooperation, which have resulted in sustained progress. Although there are thousands of miles between China and Guyana, the friendship between two parts has a time-honored history. Guyana is the first Latin America and the Caribbean country where Chinese government has sent medical teams to. Jiangsu Province has been part of the members that undertake the mission of sending medical teams to Guyana. Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital has actively respond to the call of national and provincial health committees, as early as 1995, a medical imaging expert was dispatched to Guyana for two years medical aid. Until now, 5 experts have been worked there for two years. In September this year, 11 experts will start off to Guyana with one year medical aid. Dr. Mu hoped these experts can bring into full play of their medical expertise to help improve the healthcare service of Guyana, thus make contributions to the development of Guyana's healthcare.

Ms. CHOO Anyin said that although the two countries are far apart, this has not hindered the friendship between the two parts from constantly rejuvenating. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Guyana and also the 130th anniversary of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital. She was glad to visit hospital at this especial moment. Later, she introduced that Guyana is located in the north of South America and is the only country in the South America that take English as official language. The Chinese community is one of the six major ethnic groups in Guyana, and Chinese culture has become an inseparable part of Guyana's multiculturalism.

Recently, Guyana's economic development step into a "fast track", which resulted in the increasing demand for infrastructure construction and medical service. She pointed out that medical cooperation has always been an important part of the friendly relations between Guyana and China, and she appreciated Jiangsu Province, including Nanjing Drum Hospital, for its consistent medical support to Guyana health system over the years. Finally, she wished that China and Guyana would take the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations as an opportunity to constantly deepen and enhance the friendship between the two countries. She also wished that Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital and Guyana would work together to forge a bright future while inheriting the friendship between China and Guyana.


Then, Ms. CHOO Anyin visited the memorial hall. Deputy Secretary Zhang Bing introduced the history of the hospital in detail. After the visit, Ms. CHOO Anyin cordially talked with the medical team members, expressed appreciation for their support and looked forward to meeting them in Guyana.