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Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery
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Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery in Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, the affiliated hospital of Nanjing University Medical School, is the earliest institution that provide professional treatment of burn therapy and recovery, plastic surgery, and aesthetic surgery in Jiangsu Province.

We keep the honor of key clinical department in Jiangsu and Nanjing, the key discipline of provincial “Science, Education and Health” project, the national VSD training center, the national diabetes-related wounds training center, and Chinese treating center of international “Operation Smile” project.

We are the first discipline in Jiangsu which could confer PhD degree of plastic surgery and burn surgery. Now we have conferred PhD and master’s degree of several universities, including Nanjing University, Southeastern University, Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Xuzhou Medical University, Jiangsu University and Peking Union Medical College.

We established in 1970s with generations of effort. In 1976, Prof. Peng Wang and Prof. Shengfan Li established our department with 1 ward and 22 beds. In 1981, an extra burn ward was set with 20 beds. In 1990, we had 13 faculties, including 1 associate professor, 1 attending, and 4 residents.


The Chair, prof. Shengfan Li, led all faculties to save the lives of thousands burn patients. We have created lots of firsts in Jiangsu: In 1976, we first used allogenic skin graft. In 1983, we first used scar skin graft. In 1987, we saved life of Chenghua Ha, who was well known as a hero of fireman. In 1996, we started “Operation Smile” project in Jiangsu.

In 1998, Prof. Dingwen Yang, as a successor, tookover the department, while Prof. Jie Wu worked as Vice Director. A new aesthetic plastic surgery center was established, and advanced techniques was used in clinical practice, including breast reduction with inferior pedicle flap, Meek skin graft, eye / ear reconstruction, anterolateral thigh perforator flap (ALTP), latissimus dorsi flap (LD), thoracic-umbilical flap. In 2004, we moved to the north part of the hospital and became an independent department, with 31 beds and 3 operation rooms in outpatient.

In 2005, Prof. Qian Tan was appointed Director of the department. He made positive change of thinking in clinical service, adjusted the management system, and optimized process, making our department much more excellent and famous.

In 2006, we were awarded key clinical department in Nanjing and became the first discipline in Jiangsu which could confer PhD degree of plastic surgery and burn surgery. In 2007, we became the key discipline of the provincial “Science, Education and Health” project, and then awarded as key clinical department in Jiangsu in 2009. Now we work hard for applying the national key clinical department. Since 2014, we have been honorably winning the nominations of the best plastic surgery department in China every year.

After more than 40 years’of development, we have a strong team with famous reputation, advanced equipment and advanced operation skills. We have a ward with 37 beds, including BICU, bathroom for burn patients, and daily aesthetic operation room. Laser and mesotherapy instruments have been equipped. We provide aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery, chronic wound treatment, and burn treatment.

A total of 36 faculties, including 15 doctors and 21 nurses work in our department. More than 85% of them got master or PhD degree, including 3 chief physicians, 2 associated chief physicians, 3 professor and 2 associated professors. Prof. Qian Tan achieves the special subsidy of the national government and was awarded as key expert of provincial “Science, Education and Health” project.


Conditions Treated

We deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge care to a large volume of patients, including:


Burn treatment

Genitals reconstruction and perineum plasty.

Cleft lip / palate surgery

Abdominal wall reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

Chronic Wound care

Aesthetic surgery (cosmetic surgery):

Eyelid, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, face / neck lifts, facial rejuvenation, breast lift / augmentation / reduction, body contouring.




Qian Tan, MD, PhD. Director, Professor, Chief Doctor.

Prof. Qian Tan is the key expert of Jiangsu provincial science project and top expert of Nanjing municipal science project. He achieves the special subsidy of the Chinese government.

He visited and studied in Leipzig St. George hospital in German, MD Anderson cancer center and Duke university in the US.

Now he is Vice Director of Chinese Aesthetic and Plastic Association, Vice Director of Chinese Rhinoplasty Association, Vice Director of Chinese Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Association, member of Chinese Breast Plastic Surgery Association, Director of Jiangsu Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Association, member of World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, Vice President of The Pan Asia Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

He also works as editor of Burns and Trauma, Chinese Journal of Burns,Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery, Chinese Journal of Injury Repair and Wound Healing, Chinese Journal of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Medicine.

He worked for more than 35 years and is widely known as an outstanding plastic and aesthetic surgeon. He is specialized in microsurgery, burn treatment, organ reconstruction, ocular plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, breast plastic surgery, female genital cosmetic surgery.

He has published more than 120 papers, 8 books, and had been honored for 10 provincial and municipal awards, 7 national patents.


Research &Achievement

In recent years, we have been funded with lots of government grants, including 2 times of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and more than 10 grants from provincial or municipal foundation. We also achieve several awards, including provincial second-class prize of technique, municipal second-class prize of technique, and scientific and technical award of National Plastic Association.

We published more than 300 papers, with 8 excellent paper awards. 7 patents and 11 professional book were published.

We actively join the worldwide communication with countries including the U.S., Germany and Japan.


Education & Training

Now we take responsibility for teaching medical students in Nanjing University, Southeastern University, Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Xuzhou Medical University, Jiangsu University, Peking Union Medical College, and Zunyi Medical university.

We train 8-10 Master’s/ PhD / international student per year. Our residents are actively involved in the care of patients and join the research projects. Till now, there have been already more than 50 Master’s students and 10 PhD candidates graduated from our department.