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The Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School

Drum Tower Hospital has 10 national key disciplines and national clinical key specialties, 3 provincial clinical medicine centers, 7 provincial key medical disciplines, 4 provincial medical innovation teams, 29 provincial key clinical specialties, and 10 provincial quality control centers. There are 8 provincial specialist (special disease) diagnosis and treatment centers. The hospital was ranked 38th in the ranking of Fudan General Hospitals in 2020, with the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology ranked 4th in the country, the Department of Reproductive Medicine ranked 6th in the country, and the Departments of Oncology, Endocrinology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orthopedics, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, and Pharmacy receiving national nominations.

Drum Tower Hospital is now one of the first pilot hospitals in the country to establish and improve a modern hospital management system. In 2020, it was ranked 19th by National Health Commission among general hospitals in the national tertiary hospitals performance appraisal, and ranked 1st in the province; it ranked 7th in the country by the case mix index (CMI value) which reflected the level of diagnosis and treatment of difficult disease

In the latest joint construction between the National Health Commission and Jiangsu Province, Drum Tower Hospital was approved to lead and participate in the construction of "3+3 National regional medical centers" (including 3 departments to lead the construction: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, and Rheumatology and Immunology; 3 departments to participate in the construction: Cardiovascular, General Medicine and Oncology).Our hospital was selected as one of the first pilot hospitals of high quality development of public hospitals in China.